Dordt College has a longstanding tradition of excellent facilities and ongoing production work in functional ware and clay sculpture work. There are 3 kilns to fire clay in oxidation, reduction and raku environments using 4 types of clays and spacious studios with 14 wheels and production facilities. Dordt mixes glazes from formulas and there are three major installations in clay on display as part of the campus wide permanent art collection.

Introduction to Ceramics

This course consists of the basics of ceramics including: learning hand building and wheel throwing techniques, developing an understanding of contemporary and historically significant ceramic artists, and being able to articulate an understanding the craft medium in the context of fine art.  It is an introduction to clay and the basic process of slab, pinch, coil, and wheel-thrown constructions.  It utilizes knowledge gained to create conceptually rich and well crafted ceramic objects.  Additionally this course uses Dordt’s Educational Framework to evaluate personal artwork and the artwork of historically and culturally significant artists, primarily consisting of reflection on Religious Orientation, Creational Structure, Creational Development, and Contemporary Response.

Advanced Ceramics

This course builds upon the skills and knowledge developed in Introduction to Ceramics, with continued exploration of advanced materials and techniques.  Students in this course are expected to learn to load and fire their own kiln, make their own glazes and perform other operations of maintaining a ceramic studio.

We’re in the process of collecting a gallery of our excellent student work. Check back soon to see it!